remember back in the 90s when final fantasy games had a trans-guy pirate captain as a main character and aggressive environmental liberation groups and anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist themes and allowed a male protagonist to crossdress, participate in brothel orgies and go on interracial dates with other men

Sarisa wasn’t trans, she was just crossdressing. did you even play the game?



I feel so bad for the starbound devs. They have so many toxic pieces of shit in their forum spouting crap, and when they get justly banned they go to the starbound reddit to complain and slander the devs instead.

Developers are fucking human. Regardless of how “professional” you want them to act…

people are this stupid.

Starbound is a dead game, the devs are idiots that spend more time crying on twitter/reddit instead of working. They have 3 coders and 17 fucking artists and despite that everything looks like shit.